Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I dedicate this entry especially to all seniors, teachers, friends.

I found my ex seniors, my old friends, and my teachers when i was in MRSM Kuching through this blog. They might be readin my blog anytime and anywhere. i really aprcte ur visit to my blog n spendin time 2 read all diz crappy things by me. huhuhu.

Hello Teachers.
Hye Seniors.
Hii friends.

Thanks Allah that we can keep in touch agn after few years!

With Love~ elL


Illi Ainaa said...

hye ell !! ;)

ndlaw said...

i'm happy too.

elL said...

kak illi; hye!!!miss3 u. flying kisses 4 u.

ndlaw; ya me too. miss MRSM so much!

Drg Keen said...

yea, me too!! Glad that we're still get connected to each other via blogging.

Anyway, who's the teacher? nak tau! nak tau!

elL said...

chegu nasa did read tis blog.
sgt memalukn.