Thursday, December 4, 2008

Treasure- For mama.

I look back on these years,
To see how far I've come and grown,
I take a trip down memory lane,
And what I see has shown .

That every step I've taken,
You have been there by my side .
From infancy to adulthood,
We've stood the test of time.

You cradled me and nurtured me,
Through all these many years;
You held me and did comfort me,
Through happiness and tears.

You'd pick me up when I would fall,
You'd dust me off and then,
Encourage me to get back on
That horse and ride again.

Your constant care and loving,
And your warm inviting heart,
Has always been a treasure that
I knew would never depart.

If I could be "just half" the person
You have been to me .
Then you have taught me well dear mom,
For in my heart I see .

A woman whose most gentle soul,
Embraces me each day .
A woman whom I dearly love,
Much more than words can say.

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