Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Welcome to life.

I dedicate this entry especially for my lovely beauty classmate,Miss Cornelia Binti Gudang, our new buddy.
We're really welcome 2 da life.Im so happy for u.
Life can be fair and unfair.Sometimes it can be so wonderful, but sometimes it can be so painful.So let the fate take the way,but owez remember that we shud never be afraid about to handle it.Bcoz Allah will owez be there for everyone of us.Everything happen for a reason.So take everything as a challenges.your new life must be full of question marks and challenges.Everyone of us have our own weaknses,so if u can see smthing good in us,take it.But if we did someting bad in ur eyes,dun ever take it.You are new,but it doesnt mean dat u cannot advice us 4 a good things.We live as one big family,remind each other about our own responsblity is a responsblity for everyone of us.we're not that good for you to be as an example.we're just so ordinary,so lack of good things inside.Sometimes we'll feel ashamed to ourselves.But deep inside heart,we still on a right track.We're still trying to be da real muslimah.Hope we will go through it.

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