Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I am Tired.I Quit.

Im tired of Something.
Im tired.
Soo sooo tired.
Give me a place to catch myself back.
Give me space to breath.
I dun need anything else.
Just forget me.
Hate me.
Ignore me.
Thats what i want from u.
everyting is enough.
Im sick of u, im sick of this feelings.
Just give up on me.
Maybe dats good enough for u and me.
And just dun u ever regret for anything.
I wish u a very best of luck of getting what u really want.
I quit.


.ila. said...

life is authentically giving us the reason to stand still. don't quit for the sake of others satisfication. hey! darl. make it through~

elL said...

sumtimes i cudnt even stand da situation.
n i have 2 quit.
but its okay, im stronger.maybe.