Thursday, July 17, 2008

My heRo

[saya telah m'candid gmbar ini ketika papa sdg makan buah limau.sambil menanti masuknya waktu solat fardhu Isya'.hehehe.sorry pa.u still look so hensem!=)]
you're like the sun to me..
a sure thing, always there..
beaming light and warmth on my life..
whatever is good in me today,i owe to your wisdom, your patience,your strength, your love..
you taught me by example,as a role model..
how to be my own person,how to believe in myself,instructing me without controlling me.
even when we disagreed,you held us together, so our bond was never broken..i understand what you did for me..
and i am so grateful that i have you as my solid foundation..
i respect you..
i admire you..i love you..
my guiding father..
He is Numan Sungkit @ Abdullah
My Hero,my inspiration,my Papa.
Poem taken from kak intan's blog.hehehe.never mind bcoz we're sibling!

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