Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Today is the last day of fasting month.
And tomorrow will be the most great moment for every muslim.
As Ramadahan will end soon, wud i have the next ramadhan..mm..
This ramadahan will leave me with such a big lesson. wke up early in the mornin was make me felt so soo small.
Who owez wakin me up; thanks a lot. I really2 aprcte it. till this last day of ramadhan, u still wif the routine. THANKS, n may u have a return from Allah. aminn~
Being here. at my home is really2 fine. even tough i had a hard time during this fasting month, but there's owez a way to settle everything. and even sometimes it was too hard for me to deal wif some problems, all that i can do is to stand still and believe in myself to do the right things. Im juz someone who owez did wrong, and sometimes it was really out of control. and for that, i would like 2 ask for an apology.
To my family, my love to all of u will never change or even fade. the important person in my life is them: my FAMILY.
To all frens/ besties: thanks for being there while i need somebody to hear for me. thanks for persuading me while i was crying. thanks for helping me while i need help. My frens are all so gojes. Love from me~
So, with that. Salam Aidilfitri for everyone. May this raya bring more happiness to everyone of u.

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